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ORGAnizations & Institutions

Content Development

Determine Objective and Audience
Ascertain Medium
Develop a Content Strategy​

Strategic Framework Development

Establishing Vision, Mission and Core Values
Aligning Objectives with Vision, Mission and Core Values
Defining the Customer/Market
Identifying and Validating Channels for Customer Engagement
Establishing and Validating Strategy
Benchmarking and Reviewing

Business Development Framework

Market and Competitor Analysis
Customer Definition
Identification of Services
Product/Service Positioning
Account Management Support​

Business Process Optimization

Define: Functions, processes, people and problems – Present state to desired state
Measure: Determine steps to identify, assess and establish
Analyze: Identify and validate root causes for deviation
Improve: Select and implement the improvement
Control: Monitor the improvement in real time
Re-engineer: Advice on revamping processes for better results​

Proposal Management

Gather client requirements
Evaluate Solution Identification
Build a Comprehensive Proposal
Technical, Commercial, Human Resources and Engagement Methodology
Assist in Presales Strategy and Capability Building